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Is It Safe To Order Cheap Drugs From Canadian Pharmacy?

Filling a prescription regularly can be expensive. In fact, in the United States, medicine can cost twice as much as it does in other countries. A nationwide poll by Consumer Reports National Research Center highlights the problem. It found that being unable to afford medical bills or medication ranked highest among the financial issues Americans face every month.

And in another Consumer Reports survey, the data shows that nearly three million people turned to the Internet to save money on prescriptions from Canada or other countries.

How much of the savings? One website with Canada in the name offers generic Viagra not yet available in the U.S. for $3.00 per pill. In the United States, the same amount of Viagra can run about $19 per one pill.

So what’s wrong with buying medicine from websites outside the United States? Well, plenty.

Any website located outside the U.S. does not fall under the Food and Drug Administration’s oversight. The reality is you cannot be sure of what you are getting when you buy from these sites.

In a review of more than 80 300 online pharmacies, The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy found a majority don’t require a valid prescription, and nearly half sell drugs and aren’t approved by the FDA.

That same National Pharmacy Association found that only a fraction of the online pharmacies reviewed appears legitimate.

You might think a Canadian website is a safe bet because Canada’s system of regulating drugs is similar to ours. But the NAACP says you can’t be sure.

You can’t count on sites that say they’re Canadian because they may not be.

Given this, consumer reports medical experts say one safeguard is to simply avoid ordering medications from websites outside the U.S. and stick with stores, you know, like CBS, Target, or Walmart.

Your local pharmacy may also have a Web site that can accept prescription orders.

If the site is not familiar, look for the VIPPs symbol. The VIPP symbol means the pharmacy is located in the U.S., dispenses FDA-approved medication, and probably requires a prescription from your doctor.

As for savings, almost every major pharmacy offers discount programs on popular generic drugs for as little as four dollars a month.

How To Order Prescription Drugs From Canada?

By using our prescription service, you agree to be bound and abide by the outlined Terms of our Canadian pharmacy, as if you signed this Agreement. In addition, Pharmacy R.X. “Canada Pharmacy ” may terminate your Canada prescription service at any time at our sole discretion and with or without prior notification.

You hereby agree that by using our Canadian prescription service, you are and will be responsible for all charges, if any, that are associated with facilitating your order with the Canadian Online Pharmacy. You must be 18 years of age or older to buy Canadian drugs. You also agree that you will not attempt to or conspire in any way to obtain and/or present any prescriptions for medication that was not legally obtained from a licensed United States physician.

You understand and agree that Pharmacy R.X. Drugs does not and will not dispense any prescription medications or attempt to dispense any prescription medications. Pharmacy R.X. Drugs acts on your behalf as an agent for a Canadian pharmacy through a POWER OF ATTORNEY that will be presented to you when you register to obtain legal prescription drug medications prescribed by your physician through our affiliated Canadian pharmacies and Canadian physicians.

You further agree that Pharmacy R.X. Drugs will not offer you our representatives any medical advice or medical diagnosis. Canadian prescription medications are mailed across international borders, subject to the control of the U.S. Customs and FDA. Therefore it is impossible to predict all delays that may occur. As a result, Pharmacy R.X. Drugs does not guarantee an exact delivery time of your prescription order.

You agree that it is your responsibility to anticipate and prepare for any delays in obtaining your prescription medicine from Canadian pharmacies. If your prescription medication is not received in a timely order from our Canadian pharmacy, you must be prepared to purchase your prescription drug at any United States pharmacy.

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