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How To Sit Properly?

Correct Sitting Posture

Working for longer duration in front of computer or in desk work job with wrong posture will place the spine in uncomfortable Position. Spine bones are normally aligned in curved manner and more comfortable in that position. Moving or placing the spine out of its comfortable curved position or against curved position put tremendous stress to the soft tissue structures within and around vertebral bones.

Some muscles become tight and some muscles become weak. With repeated use of wrong working posture/ position both Spine and Muscles will get adapted to that position. Hence the change in biomechanics of movement happens where in joints move in wrong way even for regular activity.

For example : the position called forward head posture, where in neck bones align in wrong position resulting problems are headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, back pain, wrist pain etc.

Correct Posture

Wrong Forward Head Posture

Corrected Posture – Chin Tuck

Correct Sitting Posture For Working

correct sitting position

During working in front of computer for long duration take care of:

  • Chair – adjustable height and back rest, back supported fully, lumbar curve, back rest angled to 15 degree, proper arm rest
  • Monitor position (height adjustable, slightly below eye level)
  • Monitor angle ( tilt adjustable, glare and reflection free)
  • Lighting position (glare and reflection free)
  • Key board height and position- same height as elbow with wrists slightly bend
  • Mouse position- adjacent to and at same height as key board
  • Head – head back, chin tucked
  • Eyes – level with top 1/3rd of screen, distance of about 12 to 18″ inches from monitor , (0o to 15o inclined down, without bending from neck)
  • Neck – straight alignment, do not cradle phone between head and shoulder
  • Elbows – at sides close to body, slightly more than 90 degree bend, supported
  • Forearm horizontal
  • Wrist – rested
  • Hip position – 90o to 120o bending, thigh horizontal to hip or below hip position
  • Knee position – 90o bend , legs with adequate clearance and free to move
  • Feet Position – flat on floor or foot rest
  • Ear, shoulder, elbow, hip in one line

Correct Pillow Position For Neck

  • Use small size pillow in straight lying position
  • Use big size pillow in side lying position – to the shoulder width to maintain correct straight neck bone position

Comfortable Lying Position

Avoid lying on tummy in night – which make neck to rotated and pressed in uncomfortable position.

Bed Position

Bed has to be medium soft – which support the spine in its straight alignment

Too soft bed will alter the spine alignment

Too hard bed also alter the spine alignment

Position To Avoid Musculoskeletal Pain

  • Avoid watching Television lying in sofa
  • Provide proper support to trunk and neck while watching Television
  • Maintain natural spine position

Useful Tips

Avoid continuous longer duration work like cutting vegetables, reading books, using Tabs & Mobile, ironing clothes etc which create bending and shear force in neck bones and other structures in neck. Continuous bending activities produce tremendous strain in spine structures which is already strained. Take a break and do some stretching exercises in-between activities.

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